Louisiana Integration Institute

Connecting Healthy Relationship Education Skills and Safety-Net Services as an Integrated Approach to Strengthening Families

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
February 20, 2020
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

In an effort to share promising practices and lessons learned regarding integration of healthy marriage and relationship education skills into safety-net service systems, the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families is convening a free, one-day Integration Institute in your state. This interactive training institute brings together teams from social services agencies and organizations to learn how healthy relationship skills and resources can improve participant outcomes and brainstorm how to take small steps toward integrating these critical life skills into existing services.

By attending the Integration Institute, you will discover:
  • Negative impact of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences on your participants' long-term health, goal setting, career planning, and ability to successfully engage in programming;
  • How healthy relationship skills can have positive effects on your participants' well-being, employment, long-term self-sufficiency, and family outcomes; and
  • Opportunities and strategies for integrating healthy relationship skills and resources into your service delivery system as part of a research-informed holistic approach to strengthening families.
The overarching goal is to facilitate discussion and action through collaboration and peer-to-peer networks that create sustainable movement towards the integration of healthy marriage and relationship education into stakeholder service systems as a strategic approach to moving families toward self-sufficiency. With your team or individually, you will develop an action plan to map out next steps for integration within your agency.

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