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Exhibit Hall and Sponsorships

The Fain Group is skilled in creating and developing exhibition and sponsorship packages, pricing strategies, marketing and communication pieces and prospect databases for your meeting and conference.

Exhibit Hall

Exhibit halls are often the lifeblood of meetings, and The Fain Group excels at meeting the financial expectations of our clients and overseeing the demands of the on-site exhibit hall set-up.

From tabletop displays to convention center-sized exhibit halls, The Fain Group has been successful in the overseeing general service contractors in the preparation of the exhibit hall. We also design floor plans, manage the signage, create exhibitors’ manuals and develop extensive policies and procedures in exhibit halls. We take this immensely important and time-consuming component off our client’s plates and make it a success.


For many meetings, conferences and events, sponsorships provide critical opportunities to generate revenue and showcase complementary products and services. The Fain Group provides critical support for your internal sponsorship activities and initiatives.

The Fain Group can develop sponsorship programs structured to meet your partner and revenue objectives, while providing sales support of sponsorships and serving as a liaison with potential sponsors before the event and on site. We also can work with you in collecting sponsorship payments and reconciling those activities after the event.