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Marketing and Event Collateral

Innovative in its approach, the Fain Group applies strategic marketing techniques that effectively reach our client’s audience. We have the ability to create marketing schemes as well as serve as editors and proofreaders to pieces developed by others. Additionally, our computer/database experts can devise e-mail blasts and develop and host the conference or event Web site as inclusion in the overall marketing plan.

Event Marketing

Whether wooing potential attendees or attracting sponsors and exhibitors, The Fain Group has the talent and the experience to use effectively marketing materials to transform interest into registrations.

With so many demands on their time and resources, potential participants and exhibitors will only respond to carefully and dynamically crafted marketing materials that separate your meeting from the masses.

Working closely with you, our team of professionals can provide event marketing messaging and solutions that can be employed on any number of platforms, including print, websites and social media sites—all with an eye on the bottom line.

Collateral Materials

The success of many meetings is often determined by what attendees take away with them. The Fain Group ensures that all of your collateral materials continue your critical messaging to participants, exhibitors and sponsors.

Marketing and collateral materials work hand-in-hand in providing a fuller view of the organization, its mission and goals, and it is essential that they be crafted with an eye toward both membership and the bottom line.

The Fain Group employs a cadre of talented writers, designers and media experts that can elevate your marketing and messaging to reflect where you’ve been and where you’re heading. By working collaboratively with you on every document, we ensure that your message is reinforced flawlessly throughout every publication or in every collateral material.